Fashion Design and Illustration

Assignment was to take inspiration from the 1930's and produce a 3 look collection for evening-wear. Instead of taking inspiration from 1930's clothing, I found inspiration in the Dust Bowl of the 1930's. My designs were taken from the concept that woman would have had to shield their bodies and faces to protect their skin and air passages from the dust. Translated into evening wear for today, I created a collection of winter separates meant for a mysterious, luxurious woman. The black overlapping fabric shown in my designs is a thick lace; other fabrics include mohair, silk, and leather.

Assignment was to create a sportswear collection inspired by anything. I was very interesting in exploring the two sides of my aesthetic: the grungy and the sleek. I took inspiration from a vision of clean paper cranes floating down a sewer system; to me this represented the juxtaposition I was going for. I then tried to translate this into a 5 look collection, with each look consisting of a clean white origami-inspired piece with a grungy, worn component.