The Drewery Art Collective is a proposed online community for artist, filmmakers, sculptors, educators, and designers of all disciplines located in Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding communities.

Economic headlines do not define the creativity and innovation practicing in our city or state. Art and creativity abound in the area and is international by nature. World-class museums, an eclectic, diverse mix of galleries; cross-generational, community-based organizations nurtured and supported by great and benevolent patrons. Inspiration gets nurtured, learns to express itself, and gets practiced here.

The Drewery Artist Collective will be open, expressive, and accessible to all who wish to share and showcase the variety, depth, and passion of their art or creative community, regardless of medium or perspective.

The DAC loves retro art. From the archives of the White Wall Collective circa 2008. A merging of art and music. Venue: The Majestic Cafe, of course.

As the website and film chillingly describe, "Satellite images speak for themselves, more than one-third of the city has become green again just as it was before the industrial era." "Grown in Detroit," by filmmakers Mascha and Manfred Poppenk, focuses on the urban gardening efforts managed by a Detroit Public School for teenage mothers, the Catherine Furgeson Academy.

The filmmakers are working on documentaries "that are as close to reality as possible." No staging or intrusive "guidance." A truly remarkable portrayal of urban plight and hope for revival, and a reminder of the serious implications of teenage motherhood.

Learn more by seeing the trailer here, or read a few reviews, here.


When we think of glass, we usually imagine ojects that we use everyday like bottles, eyeglasses, and windows. Perhaps that's why we find Dale Chihuly's colorful glass sculptures so intriguing. They look so unusual.

The yellow, orange and red flower-like shapes in the Flint Institute of Arts Persian Chandelier make it look like a hanging garden. The chandelier hangs under a skylight in the museum's lobby. This picture was taken looking up at the 128-piece sculpture from below using a Nikon D40 with a 55-200mm zoom lens.

Dale Chihuly, American, born 1941. Flint Institute of Arts commission funded by Claire and William S. White, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and the Isable Foundation, 2009.