What is the idea?

The idea is simple. To provide a cheap and sustainable advertising platform for creatives.

Why isn't it free?

Two reasons. Firstly this has been set up by a creative collective, and not some fancy digital arts company. Secondly we hope to use the income to develop bigger and better projects over time.

Why should I advertise?

Because you will have your own online profile alongside like-minded people, and other creatives. The site itself could potentially be seen by thousands of visitors every month.

How many advertising spots are available?

Based on our storage space we estimate that there should be around 1,000 spaces for advertisers.

It's called Creative Squared, but they're not exactly squares?

Now you're being pedantic . Creative Rectangled just wouldn't work would it.

I want to advertise, what do you need from me?

Click 'Advertise' for more information.