The Brand Guru
The Creative Reveal poster series follow up with "The Brand Guru", the ferryman of the branding world. Rumor has it that those who could not pay the fee, had to wander the shores of lost directions for one hundred years. Others believe the Brand Guru as the man from future, who brings with him his vision of what the brand will be, into the present and molds it according to what he wishes. A great addition to studios for unsuspecting clients.

Poster Reads:
"Industry Sensation - The Creative Reveal / Greatest Show Of The Universe / Visionary Brand Guru. In His Latest Astounding Mystery. Psychic. Prophet. time Traveller. Ask Him - He Knows! Make & Break Brands - With His Bare Hands! Steering Brands Towards Direction.

Will It last / Will It Sound Nice / Will It Make Enemies / Will It Succeed / Will It Be In Yellow / Will It Look Cool / Will It Win My Lawsuit / Will It Be Sensitive. Esse Est Percipi. 2012."

(Standard Ver.) - Man from Future version.

(Variant Ver.) - Ferryman Version.

The Creative Reveal is a project by BÜRO UFHO.