Le Designer
We're often asked by clients during meetings to explain what we do, and we used to fall into this never-ending spiral downwards to showcase the best works we've done, without actually painting a better picture to the client. More often than not, designers and studios are taken at face value of their work; what goes on behind is anyone's guess.

In this poster we reveal some of the feats designers actually perform behind their masterpieces; that are dealt with on a daily basis; that seemed so common to them they take it for granted. This is our lighthearted attempt to shed some light on the self-imposed mystique surrounding this dark art, without breaking the magician's code. A great addition to studios for unsuspecting clients.

Poster Reads:
"Greatest Show Of The Universe - Creative Reveal - Industry Sensation / Handcuff King & Mind-Prison Breaker - Le Grand Designer / Man of Many Mysteries. In His Latest Astounding Mystery - Shackles of Mind. Performing Wonderful Tricks while in the Performance of Many Original Feats - Tight Budget / Client Management / Creative Blocks / Time Constraints. Manifesto - Presented by BÜRO UFHO. No Lying. No Cheating. No Undercutting. MMXII."

(Standard Ver.)
"Surviving Focus Groups. Brainstorming Sessions. & Clients From Hell. "

(Variant Ver.)
"Surviving Idiosyncrasies. Contradictions. & Endless Revisions."

The Creative Reveal is a project by BÜRO UFHO.