"Kite" / 2016

"Lady Warrior" / Illustration for Lady Knights zine / 2013

"Sundown" / 2015

"Quick Hug" / 2015

"Shadow People" / Illustration for ZAFTIG issue #15, Phenomena / 2014

"Emi's Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair" / Illustrations for children's book / 2014
Emi and her story were written and created by and are © to author Tina Olajide.

Available for purchase on Amazon / Amazon UK.
For more information about the author, Emi, and her adventures, check out heyemi.com.

"Adventure Time: The Flip Side" / Alternate cover illustration for BOOM! Studios / 2014

CHRLX on Vimeo.
"AT&T Connected" / Character design & illustration for Charlex / 2013

Director: Elliot Lim
Producer: Erik Gullstrand
Illustrator: Nick Iluzada
Character Designer: Courtney Bernard
Lead Compositor: Dorian West
2D Animator: Anne Calandre
Cel Animator: Efrain Cintron
Executive Producer: Alexandria Jarman
ECD: Ryan Dunn