Cottingham is about making nice things that will last. I offer custom-made furniture and lighting, as well as drafting and rendering for projects of all scales. I trained at Art Center College of Design and continued to learn as I moved back and forth across the States. Now I'm back home in the South and hope to offer Nashvillians comfortable places to sit and quality lighting to read by.

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My personal design and art blog can be found at: PerhapsLabs

This is a wood shingle-clad, tin roof, live-work structure I have been working on. This is intended to be an "off the grid" structure but will still retain all the creature comforts.

The symbol for the cycle of creation and destruction, Oroboros is both the name of, and a description for how this collection was made. Inspired by cave formations, I dripped wax over forms, and the wax was melted out of the shells made around them. The molten metal took the wax's form.

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I have become a bit obsessed with cord-wood structures. This is a rendering of a shed I proposed for a client.

Inspired by the chairs of Sam Maloof, I wanted to try my hand at sculpted wood furniture. These hand-carved chairs are made from Douglas Fir, so they can be made with the left-overs from most construction sites. I am continually updating this design, and I am happy to offer them in sets on request.

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I was asked to fabricate these two lovely lights for the I. Martin Bicycle Shop in Los Angeles. The only parts that did not come from a bike were the light sockets and the Edison bulbs.

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