Concert posters for the UCLA: Campus Events Commission end of the year concert, Girl Talk, made with George Michael Brower. These posters include a variety of unorthodox materials experimentally sandwiched between two panels of laser cut acrylic.

A little behind the scenes shot of the studio and our process.

Design concepts based off of the themes present in Rebecca Solnit's book River of Shadows. The cover is printed on heavy vellum, and includes a large pull-out panorama that can be folded and read as normal pages within the book.

All Water, Water Everywhere illustrations were done in collaboration with Jessica De Jesus, my co art director at GOOD Worldwide, and co-brain behind the new, and ever evolving YesFantastic!!! Each illustration appears in the GOOD + Levi's Waterwise series here and in the Migration Issue.

I Am Made of Lake Michigan
Patrick Somerville

New York City’s Plague and Sustainer
David Fishkind

Nostalgia Isn't What It Was was styled, photographed, designed and printed by myself and good friend, Christopher Tuyay.

Shot with a Super8, this book layout plays with sequencing, pacing and explores the themes of nostalgia: age, time, and memories.

Some icon work made for "The Best Of" editorial series for GOOD Worldwide.

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