Version 1.0 of the North Face Snow Report delivered realtime snow conditions to users, allowing them to pick the best resort to go skiing based off of conditions. Immediately after release, we began to concept how we could make this application better. Our key insight was the realization that this quanitative data, in order to become more meaningful, needed to be qualitative as well. Breckenridge and Keystone might both have 5" of new powder, but Keystone might have long lift lines and full of tourists while Breckenridge is wide open. Our solution was the integration of Twitter, using the search API to pull in all mentions about the individual resorts and displaying them on the specific resort pages. While this Twitter integration sounds like a standard procedure today, at the time it was the first of its kind. In fact, Twitter chose to feature it as a Business Case Study on their site.

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The North Face Snow Report 2.0 Application featured in Apple broadcast and print advertisements ::

Video from Cooper Smith on Vimeo.

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