Various illustrations and icons for the social charity site - The site has a dynamic colour scheme, so these illustrations were constructed with semi opaque gradients of black and white over the top of a solid colour background. This could then be targeted with code within the .svg file to change the colour dynamically on the fly. Pretty fancy eh ;)

Charity category icons:

Header images:

Other bits 7 pieces:

Google UK Business Header
Adaptive Header Illustrations
Coutts Philanthropy Report
The Amazings
Roome Refresh
Makers UK
Big Gay 10k Map
Te Araroa Walkumentary
Wake up the town
Travel Icons
Philips My Kitchen
Tache Tags
Christmas Cheat Sheets
Alphabet Animals
Weekly Desktops
Skype Business Icons
David Gest's Blog
WWF - Get on Board
Are you British in bed?
Roome London
Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race
Continental Divide Trail Documentary
Whale of a Time
I'd like to teach the world to burp
Squeezy does Zit
Johnny Foreigner
Granny Beddard's Preserves
The Great Gatsby
My Blog - Made in England
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