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The Community Cooking Club is a participant-driven, experimental cooking class that engages the public in preparing and eating food together.

Challenging the traditional cooking class model, participants do not learn from an expert chef. The CCC replaces the chef’s tutorial with a lateral learning structure in which the participants teach each other, often learning new cooking skills or sharing their existing talents with other participants in the process. Armed with local ingredients sourced from the green market, a fully equipped kitchen and their own creative juices, participants break into groups of 2-4 to work together to decipher different recipes, creating a menu of seasonal dishes that are then eaten family-style.

The Community Cooking Club often features recipes from guest artists, authors and educators who have a passion for community-centered cooking and eating. On-site, the guests assist participants with various tasks, such as helping to filet a fish, knead dumplings, wash dishes, or sharpen knives. Participants receive a digital copy of these recipes so that they may continue making these dishes to share with others.

The Community Cooking Club’s mission is to use cooking, an artful, everyday experience, to empower the lives of people in urban environments and to deliver physical and mental health to communities. Through social interaction and working in groups, participants are brought out of isolated routines and interact in new ways to activate their minds and bodies. Participants leave the event energized not only to cook for themselves and others, but in their confidence and ability to trust in the cooperation of the group.

Since June 2010, the CCC has been hosted by New York University's Food Studies department, Etsy, Sweet Deliverance and the Bruce High Quality Foundation University (funded by Creative Time).

How the Community Cooking Club works:

1. Participants gather together and are introduced to the menu of recipes they will be preparing that evening.
2. Participants then team up in groups and begin cooking recipes at prepared recipe stations, set up with all of the ingredients, kitchen tools and utensils they need. Every group makes a different recipe.
3. Once all of the dishes have been prepared, participants set the communal table, and the different recipes that were prepared are then consumed together. We share what we have learned that evening as we raise a glass and toast each other.
4. The next day, the recipes the participants have prepared are emailed to them so that they may continue making these dishes on their own to share with friends.

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