Cargo evolved out of the system that runs SpaceCollective, a forward-looking community of writers and thinkers about the future, which on several occasions has hosted projects of international architecture and design schools, such as Columbia University, LA-based Sci-Arc, Vienna's Angewandte (designing space colonies with architect Greg Lynn) and the Design media Arts department at UCLA (DMA).

These projects were the impetus for Cargo to once again join forces with DMA as well as the Media Design Practices department of Pasadena Art Center to create Galleries and Student Networks where participants can share their work and engage with others on the Cargo network.

We also facilitated an academic project, initiated by architect Thom Mayne, that connects 13 architeture departments of prominent US universities (inlcuding Harvard, MIT, and Princeton) around a common topic (Culture Now).

To further expand on these initiatives we will soon launch a beta version of Cargo Communities that will feature more advanced participatory models for creative interaction and exchange between students, while extending their creative and personal networks beyond institutional and geographic boundaries.

UCLA Design Media Arts
Art Center MDP
Culture Now