My career started at 17 when I was scooped up by a nationally touring band to sell their merchandise on tour. I toured with the band for 2 years, crossing the United States and back 3 times and crossing the pond and doing 4 weeks touring europe.

From there my career took a change in paths, from selling shirts I began printing shirts. I took a position in southern Florida working and living with Jimmy of printmytees.com I learned the ins and outs of the screen printing trade, from preparing art for negatives, to printing and reselling.

To further my education and to create a name for myself I moved back to my home town of Normal, IL to start freelancing in the apparel design industry. Business took off and I realized I needed help to keep up with clients and broaden our abilities. I put together a group of two of my friends who's skills I believed in and complemented my own sense of direction and styles. We called ourselves Byeline.

I eventually moved to Chicago, IL where I took career orientated jobs. I maintained my freelance career while starting to work for Threadless/Skinnycorp for a year, eventually settiling down at Psychobaby.

My talents proved useful at Psychobaby where I handle a large array of duties. I create original designs designated for ages 8 and younger. I manage social media, SEO, initiate sales to reach goals, and shoot and edit product shots for the online webstore.

I'm always looking to progress my career and talents. I'm never okay with settling with mediocracy. I will always maintain my freelance career while pushing my day-time professionalism to the highest level possible.