Pocket Blackouts
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Project Description:

Size: 7,500,000 ft2 (700,000m2)
Site: Santo Domingo, Domican Republic

Currently, the Dominican Republic maintains one of the highest GDP among the Caribbean Islands. However, it is not yet completely immune to the symptoms that are exhibited worldwide—energy consumption. Although the energy crisis is something that affects developed countries as well as the developing countries, the Dominican Republic faces a specific type of energy crisis that is local to their cities--rolling blackouts. Through research and case study analysis, the narrative of the project is constructed around the idea of rolling blackouts being a positive thing as opposed to being a major urban burden. “Pocket Blackouts” illustrate an idea on how to make rolling blackouts a feasible and desirable tactic through social transformation in the urban experience via pocket blackouts and social spaces which become activated from the energy crisis.

Double-Dip: Post- Crisis Urbanism Research Book

Project Team: Jason Kim, Zoltan Neville