These projects have been completed for VanBerlo clients. They range from an electronic microscope to a professional coffee machine and from a watertight luminaire to electronic prototypes built with Arduino. At VanBerlo I led projects while still being actively involved in creating design output.

VanBerlo is one of Europe’s leading design driven innovation agencies. At VanBerlo my role was to transform ideas into successful products. To lead projects and take ownership from start to finish – from consumer insight to the final product. Ensuring that the best creative solutions are delivered on time, and on target.

Next to this my role is to contribute to the design process by engaging in post-it jams, doodle sessions and inspirational talks. Expressing my ideas through sketching or digital design, engineering surfaces and mechanical details in CAD, and programing electronic prototypes and interactive user interface demonstrators.

VanBerlo projects I worked on include:
  • High tech equipment such as electronic microscopes and particle monitors
  • Wearables with haptic feedback
  • Products with significant cost price reduction (from packaging to IP65 luminaires)
  • Soft goods with integrated electronics and water tight bicycle bags
  • Home appliances such as coffee machines and dishwashers
  • Consumer oriented medical devices with supporting mobile apps
  • Payment terminals that are secure and cannot be hacked
  • Brand and packaging design for stain removal detergents to contact lenses

  • VanBerlo clients I worked for include: Basil, Batavus, Elica, Friesland Campina, Gutmann, Heineken, Huawei, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, NKL, Nordeon, Phenom World, RB, Saeco, TNO, and Worldline.