B & W dinner

NOUVELLE VAGUE DINNER, composed of only black or white ingredients, to be eaten while Godarts "Breathless" was screened.

This project was inspired from the Portuguese tiles floors of black and white squares, this visual impression mades us wonder wether it would be possible to make a healthy dinner only made with black and white ingredients.

Later on, that brought us into the idea of stepping into a filmic setting. We started by making a research of all the ingredients found in this category and then we composed the dish.
Soon after we hosted a crowed of all kinds, ornamented with hats, furs, smoking suits and pearls into a black and white soiree.

Here is what we came up with:


Brazilian black beans with cassave topping

Home-made mozzarellas from fresh milk, filled with black olives. Black soba nests topped with white tofu squares. Black moss. Black sesam and nigella seeds covering a scorzonera root. White spiced japanese rice and a tapanade of dried plums and beluga lentils.

Not to mention the tiny little books of fried tofu with fried Haiku chips of Noir Sauvage seaweed.


Little tits looking puddings made from agar-agar ( seaweed natural gelatine) coconut milk, honey and vanilla !


Thank you to our collaborators:
PAULA COLCHERO, for the making the mozzarellas
RUTGER BUITER for the photography work

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