Rhetorical Peaks
Rhetorical Peaks is an educational simulation created for the Rhetoric Department at the University of Texas for use in class. It is inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks. The premise of the simulation is that a girl has been killed in a town called Rhetorical Peaks and you, the player, have been called in to try to solve this case. You must talk to different town inhabitants and examine clues in the simulation. After going through the simulation, the student will then write an argument paper about who they think killed the girl.

Student developers split up into four teams, each creating a prototype of the simulation using a different tool. The goal was to gauge through the development and in-class testing processes, which prototype is the most successful. The most successful prototype will then be expanded into a larger simulation with more characters and objects. The four tools chosen were: Powerpoint, Flash, Unity 3D, and Second Life.

I was the developer working on the 3D version using Unity 3D, a 3D Game Development Tool. I modeled the terrain using the in-program tools. I also modeled The Parlor, which is the main building in the simulation, in 3D Studio Max. I wrote the scripts for the dialog tree and put together all the game components in Unity.

Demo the prototype!
Mouse is to look. Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to jump.

I made this poster for a presentation about the Rhetorical Peaks project. It was showcased at the New Media Consortium (NMC) 2009 and won the Judges' Choice Award. The award is based on the content as well as the poster.

I made this graphic for the NMC 2009 brochure.