"Live and learn. At any rate, you live." -Douglas Adams

Douglas is a program that takes the user through a game of life and the habits that you have as a baby affect who you are as an adult. A successful life is defined by a well taken care baby that evolves into the appropriate form according to how the baby was raised. Actions all come with risks and benefits. Some risks may lead to death and other risks affect evolutional progress. The choice to take risks, however, may lead to great benefits.

The bubbles are supposed to be a visual representation of the baby's statistics. The better health you are in, the more bubbles it will have. The bubbles are grouped into color groups cooresponding to the colors in your statistics!

Possible Endings:
- Poisoned to death (by juice or by magic)
- Exhausted to death (lack of rest)
- Starved to death (lack of sustenance)
- Made it to evolution but chose wrong form (SO CLOSE!)
- Made it to evolution and chose right form (WIN!)

Evolution Characters:
- Swimmer is playful and so it needs to have tokens from when it was a baby.
- Flyer is a vegetarian so it needs to have eaten some veggies as a baby.
- Crawler is a carnivoure so it needs to have eaten some meat as a baby.


Screenshots from the game:

splash page (rules)


game room

game: scrambler

game: treasure hunt

game: hidden gift