Areas of expertise: design, retail marketing and advertising

Key functions:
Coordination and implementation of client's demands in design, operations and production areas in an integrated environment - across client teams and internal structure.

Project Management
Integrated Production
Design | Print & 3D
Visual Merchandising
Sao Paulo Museum of Contemporary Art

** Award Silver Lion in Promo & Activation - Cannes Festival 2012 **

Le Curiosism idea allowed the community to access the "Curiosism" during pre-exhibition period through a robot-cat eyes, using Facebook Connect. This project has involved 5 different providers, from product developer to internet connection supplier.

Role: Project Manager and Integrated Producer

Ref. Campaign

Integrated Campaign

"República Popular do Corinthians" was a Nike Brazil's campaign in which the challenge was creating a country populated only by Corinthians football fans. The campaign extension was huge, and so was its reach across many touch points: from in-store to digital, from experiential to outdoor activation. All had to be produced with high quality materials using different substrates in order to sustain a sophisticated perception and quality level.

Role: Researcher (Production) | Project Manager

Graphic Design | Concept

Nike Run #coisadaboa campaign was developed for São Paulo_Rio de Janeiro marathon, with orange types as the ID for all graphic materials, including prints, ads and all POS. The challenge to produce this outdoor installation as a roll out (online and offline) was to bring an innovative expression, but to keep same graphic concept at the same time.

Role: Researcher/ Producer | Project Manager

SKOL SENSATION - Machine Pearls
Design | Digital Production

"Machine Pearls" for Skol Sensation was a complex project to be developed. It needed to be a customized vending machine in a very short time. It included producing pearls in acrylic bubbles, to adapt the regular mechanism and the digital system to control the winners of the prized peals.

Role: Project Coordinator | Integrated Producer

Ref. Campaign "Sensation Party"

SKOL "Talking Magazine Sensation"

"Talking Magazine Sensation" was created so the readers could listen to the ad instead of reading. It had to be developed several prototypes to study the mechanism, sound quality and the logistics so the magazine readers could have a new interactive experience from the ad.

Role: Research/ Producer | Project Coordinator

NIKE Football Culture in Latin America
Graphic Design

This book was a football culture study among teens in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. The research sought to capture football as a cultural influence in the youngsters daily lives in both urban and rural settings, helping Nike to understand their lifestyle and how to improve its engagement and product development to them.

The graphic solution to this photo report was to produce a cover simulating a grass field, with textured fabric and a net printed as a pattern.

Role: Project Manager

Product Design

The new Uno went through a long of research process until the definition of its new design concept. The project's main challenge was to find the ultimate design concept for the new model. To achieve that we've worked close FIAT product developers and engineers throughout all research and idealization steps. A group of 20 fieldworkers was created to send information to designers, that in turn transformed the insights into the new lines of product design and ideas for customization. The new round square concept was a result of an integrated design and engineering study profoundly based on what people expected in terms of innovation from FIAT.

Role: Project Manager ( design team _Bola Design)

Design Concepts

At Bola, we faced the challenge to create an aesthetic solution for LUX makeup products which fitted to the Indian women target. To develop this project, It was carried out an ethnographic and desk research in order to understand their behaviour and contextualize the current moment according to their values​​: transformation, individuality and freedom. The insights inspired a visual code to translate the concept of these consumers choices: the Kaleidoscope.

Role: Project Manager | Producer (prototyping)

Design Thinking | Product Innovation

Moblo is a project from a think tank group originated at Istituto Europeo di Design - Strategic Design.

Five professionals in a multidisciplinary team worked applying strategic design methodology and design thinking principles to advise a kayak manufacturer towards a new industry segment.

The group advised to use plastic expertise to enter the furniture market, positioning the brand to the B2B segment. The product innovation was based on mobility, as a consequence of observing how business furniture was bought and used.

The product was launched in Sept/2011 and Janela45 is now working on a new assignments.

Role: Project Manager

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