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Poster for Melbourne based Freelove magazine's Fragment issue.

Rotatable cover for Desktop Magazine's Music issue.
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Art direction and design for Melbourne musician Chet Faker's debut EP.
Photography by Jefton Sungkar
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2012 is a year of great significance for AGDA NSW having received some criticism last year for a lack of purpose, vision and relevance. 2012 saw the introduction of a new president, a new council and now, a new direction.

The objective was to give AGDA NSW a strong, relevant and inspiring voice. A voice that would better engage with a thriving design community.

To signify change we repositioned the organisation locally as 'AGDA NEW'. Working with the Council, we built the year’s calendar of events around a simple, yet poignant and engaging idea. Placing AGDA NEW at the centre of design debate we began talking to our industry, about our industry. We devised a language based campaign that is sometimes provocative, sometimes playful, sometimes profound.

Best of all the campaign now lives in the hands of anyone who wants to join the conversation.

Produced with Mike Rigby, Ben Miles, Ami Gainford and Dan Ingham at Interbrand.
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New Theatre is one of Sydney’s oldest, proudest and most independent theatre’s. With 80 years of rich history, firm beliefs and an undeniable passion for the arts, New is a peoples theatre in the truest sense. Their ethos is about celebrating alternative theatre and helping to grow the careers of anyone and everyone who wants to get involved.

This ethos is celebrated through a bold and unexpected identity. At the centre of it all, a new logomark referencing unexpected twists and turns in the form of an ‘NT’ device, that stems from the word mark. The logo combines the three initial letters of The New Theatre into one simple mark. The unique mirrored structure of the mark allows applications and messaging to be rotated. The device is used to communicate the theatre’s aims for constant reinvention, transitions and alternative viewpoints. It allows New Theatre to sit proudly at the centre of their productions, literally stamping them and claiming them as their own. The idea of 'new' collaborations with local businesses and the community also comes to life through product and event partnership.

Produced with Mike Rigby, Eric Ng, Diana Chirilas and Lex Courts at Interbrand.
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