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Cookware has been an essential tool of basic human survival since before the beginning of civilization, falling into the same category as the wheel and stone axe. We wish to celebrate the simplicity of the traditional casserole by designing a contemporary version of it. Cast iron cookware is very durable, and as designers there was something intrinsically romantic about the idea of making “immortal” products.

Today we put our faith into technological devices which are designed to serve single, increasingly narrow purposes at the expense of diverse utility. In a society overloaded with “fastfood products” we believe that basic cast iron cookware is more relevant than ever.

We would like to reconnect the user in the process of cooking instead of reducing him/her to a passive spectator who mindlessly pushes buttons. Our design highlights the raw simplicity both visually and physically. The dowel handle provides an ergonomic powergrip while contributing to the concept of cookware as “tools”. The visual expression further expands the utility into the field of presentation of food.

The cookware should encourage one to cook at home, which is an important social activity, as well as a healthy, sustainable and economic one.

Collaboration project. Visit www.awaa.no