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Life is like a merry-go-round, it's filled with ups and downs, lively and calm, joyful and joyless moments. This animation is to commemorate my childhood memory, the excitement and satisfaction when I rode on the merry-go-round for the first time. It keeps rolling inside me from that time, and reminds me to enjoy the endless fun of daily life.

“The Carousel Family” is an animated comedy about a family living in a house refurbished from a merry-go-round. Just like a real amusement ride, the floor in the house rotates as music starts. So do the furniture and household goods. But electrical and sanitary equipment doesn't rotate because they are fixed on the wall with pipeline. The daily life of the family is so busy with the rotation.
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It had never been an easy thing to be a sushi chef in Japan. You had to start an apprenticeship for three years before you can master the nigiri, and five years before you perfect maki sushi, the roll, and you needed 10 years before you become a full-fledged sushi master.
As technology advances, the traditional art also has a new look. In order to inherit the delicious typical food, future sushi cheves have combined part of their body with the robotic mechanism, so the interested young cheves could make the same sushi more easily and effectively.
The machine itself is recorded the correct sushi cooking technology. Three glass tubes in the lower arm are made to place fresh wasabi, soy sauce and chopsticks. The rice cooker on the shoulder could fully cook hot rice in five minutes.

“Glove Puppet Master” is an unknown life form which has lived for thousands of years ago. With the face of elderly man, more than 10 feet tall, he has six hands to manipulate different puppets. He is also good at ventriloquism and wind instruments that he can make the dub and soundtrack at the same time.
His puppet shows used to be super popular with people of all ages, touring anywhere, from city to country, from theater to street. His fans adored him so much and followed him at every performance. He was always the focus of attention.
However, with the rise and fall of dynasties, his puppet shows, once the contemporary art, has gradually become old and archaic. His life is interwoven with the rise and the fall, with prosperity and decay.

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United Way of Taiwan has launched a project of training people with disabilities able to live independently. This project is aimed to train people with disabilities to have skills that they do not need to rely too much on their family, and to live independently. Moreover, instead of decrease the burden of the disabled people’s family, the disabled people would not only able to build-up their self-confidence via this project and also could make them more integrate to the society. Furthermore, this project could make the society to understand that people with disabilities have possessed the equal earning capacity and perseverance as normal people, only if able to give them a chance.

Elements from a wheelchair, which symbolizes people with disabilities, are restructured as camera and computers. This idea brings out the benefits of the program – where the disability can gain new skills for their living and rebuild their confidence; with all the love and caring, their lives have turned to the bright side.