MMXIII, 2013 (video)

MMXIII , 2013 from Chrischa Venus Oswald on Vimeo.

MMXIII, 2013
Single-Channel HD-Video, color, sound, 4.52 Min. (Loop)

MMXIII – taking place in a kind of white arena in an area that actually is a ski-region – is to some extent dealing with the separation between art world and the „normal“ world and ironically addressing the white cube, too, which is a strange, somehow fragile border, while also and especially revolving around mythological ideas and references such as the one about Persephone. It strives to create an own tale about fertility and creation, man and god(ess) as well as animal, ritual, innocence, sacrifice and destruction. The red fruit originally coming from far away and warmer countries contrasts the snowy landscape, the freezing wintriness that is death to any fruitful growth.