Glacier Party, 2012 (video + photo)
Selected material of "Glacier Party"
with Jacob Perkins

"Glacier Party", 2012
Performance- & Photoproject

Glacier Party is a project in collaboration with NY painter and writer Jacob Perkins. The project is interested in the power of transformation, the creative process and the merging of man and material.

The performative act is a kind of initiation-ritual which results in an ambigous painting (created by the dripping candles) that is transformed again through another medium (photography) and that triggers associations with diverse topics and pictures that are already part of our collective memory of images. It´s a celebration that involves the artist as immediate material, too, in which his body becomes another layer, another surface in addition to the actual canvas. The resulting photos are the last stadium of transformation and are proof of the action that took place, are silent yet telling witness to something intimate that is telling us about exposing yourself to change beyond control and dreams about unification.