Nothing Fancy is a ultimate minimalist wallet solution.

Nothing Fancy, the non-stitched minimalist wallet, is the first product in a range of everyday accessories reimagined for a contemporary lifestyle. The wallet has its origins in the classic image of the bundle of banknotes held together by a rubber band. The mission was to create a design with the minimal amount of materials, simplifying the object to its basic function.

Each wallet is created from a single piece of leather, requiring no stitching — shortening the time it takes to produce each one and saving on materials. The custom-made rubber bands make placing banknotes and credit cards into the pockets easy yet maintains the security of a traditional stitched wallet. The use of minimal material also reduces the thickness otherwise found in a traditional wallet.

The same concept has been applied to an coins case, an iPhone holder and a passport holder for a range of contemporary versions of traditional accessories.

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A wallet that has two sections, one for bank notes and one for credit cards.

An iPhone holder with a slit on the back in which to slide travel or credit cards.

A coins case made from a folded single piece of leather. The rigidity of the heavyweight leather naturally creates the pocket structure.

A passport holder that includes a pocket for placing a boarding pass and other travel documents.

The contents of your wallet are held in place securely by the rubber bands, which being flexible allow for as much capacity as a traditional wallet. The rubber bands are also a suitable place to hold business cards, tickets or receipts.

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