My name is Chad Flanagan. I'm a Graphic Designer based in Columbus, Ohio by way of West "By God" Virginia. I've lived in CO & FL as well, and have been known to travel great links for food.

This site and selected works are dedicated to both personal and professional projects.

Feel free to Email me if you have any questions, would like to hire me, or want to collaborate.

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Health Gives Hope is a nonprofit organization that works with communities to create long-term relationships in developing nations to improve health and wellness through holistic programs. We believe that healthy communities begin with healthy women and children, so we focus our efforts on improving maternal and infant health. We also work to build healthy communities establishing access to safe drinking water with basic sanitation, and providing general clinical services to the community through holistic programs for a hopeful future. Website coming soon.

Please navigate through Dura Lube's website to see my work,

Responsibility: Overhaul Brand redesign, Web design, package design, social media design & content, print material, POP, coupons, icon development, video editing and audio editing (radio commercials)

I was asked to develop a CD cover, micro-site, and social media pages. Inspired by their travel together among the poor in Ethiopia, Dan Clark and Israel Dejene gathered family and friends to record an Ethiopican (or Ameriopian) mashup EP. With an eye toward hope and romance, toward peace and parties, Dan and Israel brought together the sounds of several genres and the talents of more than a dozen artists. Check them out on Noisetrade.

Please click through MotorKote's website to see my work,

Responsibility: Brand identity guidelines (overhaul & redesign), web design, package design, social media design & content, print material, POP, coupons, video editing and audio editing (radio commercials)

CD project for Daniel Clark a Columbus, Ohio based rockstar. Check out his album at

Freedom a la Cart asked me to brand them for the "food truck" industry. They needed a brand that would incorporate elements from their parent company. They also wanted the logo to be used as a sticker that they could put on sandwich wrappers. By the way, they have amazing food and each sale helps to fight Human Trafficking in Central Ohio and Nationally.

Responsibility: Design and Direction

This video is to show the logo/graphic materials in use and was not created by me.
Doma approached me to design an Annual Report, new Website concept and a few other things. This is what I came up with. (keep scrolling)

Responsibility: Design

Nate Slemmer of Slemmer Guitars asked me to design a Headstock Logo for his amazing custom built guitars. This is what we came up with. Hand-drawn font.

I designed a fundraising sticker for Team in Training.