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Philosophical Statement
Although there has been a noticeable lack of faith in my life, the subject has always kept a comfortable spot in the back of my mind, and I find it invigorating to portray it in a new light. I create art nouveau-inspired portraits of strong women such as goddesses and powerful figures that have a strong aura of feminism. My work portrays surroundings that not only speaks of their lives, but includes imagery to help paint a vivid picture of the theme I have been adjusting and improving of faith and feminism.

In some of my work, I challenge myself by completely limiting my color pallet to both the absence of color and the complete fulfillment of color; black and white. In these pieces, I include intricate detail in simple objects so depth is added where normally there wouldn't be. In other artworks, the use of color and environment is used to create a deeper sense of depth and to show a further understanding of illustration.

While I use a variety of sides of the emotional spectrum in my art, and dabble in different means of illustration, my process and methodology remain consistent. A sense of feminism and faith is likely to appear in my art, as well as a range of experimentation with hue, vectors and emotion.

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