Travel visualisation
(This project was featured on the TripIt blog and on .net magazine.)

TripIt is a web service that lets frequent travelers manage their itineraries. The service automatically imports any email that resembles a flight ticket and parses all the important details about the trip (Dates, airports, airlines, flight length etc.).

I use TripIt's API to pull the user's travel history and visualize statistics around their air travel: most common airports, most common airlines, breakup of total distance traveled by route and trip, comparison of lengths/durations of flights taken. My project lets frequent travelers visualize how much time they spend in the air flying which routes.

Update: You can generate treemap visualisations like these for yourself using your TripIt account at

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I also made a Processing sketch that plots flight on a 3D globe. The frequency of flights taken in a route are reflected in the color and thickness of the line.

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Update: As my thesis project, I built a physical visualization based on travel data. Check out more photos and the paper.

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