»Liegenbleiben« (german: to stay down, remain lying or to be left behind). Sharing is fun. And that's why »Liegenbleiben« is spread simply by being left behind. Common property limited to 50 numbered copies. Exclusivity for everyone. The title is the principle - for form and content, too. A zine filled with photos, stories, illustrations about getting lost, being lazy, dying, liegenbleiben.

Tonspur is the first truly global music blog. Four bloggers on four continents are traveling and reporting about music from all corners of the world. For each story I create an illustration representing the content, looking like a record cover.

Eight classic novels, each reduced to a short article in a little zine called »Buch« which lightly follows the look (logo, fonts, some editorial details) of Germany's #1 yellow press newspaper »Bild«.

Nowadays nothing is really new anymore. Copy / Pasted stuff is everywhere. This booklet named »New« takes it to the limit by claiming the copyright on the last page for the obviously well known content.

Hand-drawn typography shirt designs for R-Mag.