Carren O'Keefe/bio

Age 9: Got first computer. Discovered Microsoft Paint. Drew words.

I’m Carren. Phonetically Corrinne, not Karen. My parents could’ve used Hooked on Phonics.

I’m a Senior Copywriter at AKQA NY where I work on Chase and Wheat Thins. I've also worked on Google, Calvin Klein, Beck's Beer, Miracle Whip, Sprite, Smirnoff, and Safeway.

I subconsciously became a writer because the English language scarred me as a child. [See above]

I’ve been married to the country my entire life. I had a love affair with the city 10 years ago, where I met advertising, and we’ve been together ever since.

I don’t like animals of any kind. [This does not make me a bad person.]

I will glare at you in the elevator if you let your dog lick me. [This does.]

I don’t think sliced bread was that great of an invention.

Together, we can create the greatest thing since wine.