Untitled project
Vogue Paris December 2012 magazine cover by Canon This is my rendition of the december issue with Kate Moss as David Bowie yet again for Vogue Magazine. Crayola...
No Parking in Paradise
No Parking in Paradise Welcome to Los Angeles. This is a proposal to The City of Los Angeles Police Department to redesign the parking violation...
Untitled project
canon call
Barack for Chanel N.5
Barack Obama for CHANEL N5 This is a visual response to my experience while visiting the voting poll at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on November 6th,...
Hello Kitty
ink on children's coloring book 8.5 x 10.5 each
Los Angeles Camouflage
Los Angeles camouflage If you want to stay safe parking in LA, your gonna need quarters. Ink on newsprint 19 x 22
Eau de Sausage
Eau de Sausage by Dior acrylic paint on magazine
John BaldeYeti
John Baldessari as a Yeti "John BaldeYeti" acrylic paint on magazine
Belv "Trust Your Instincts"
acrylic on magazine.