"Espresso 44" - Coffee machine
Drinking coffee is more than just filling a glass of hot water and putting in a spoon of the black stuff. Brewing coffee is a ritual, and Espresso 44 is designed with rituals in mind. The entire machine floats over a maple wood shelf, with only four ceramic espresso cups standing in line to be filled, like in a miniature coffee factory. The stainless steel body is encased with front and back ceramic plates, which brings new style to the kitchen counter. The espresso capsule is fed through a sliding door, and the machine activates just by pulling the door back to closed position. Water is put in a container on the right, while on the left side hides a pullout steamer.

"JUGO" - Citrus juicer
JUGO (Spanish for juice) is a juicer with a personality. Inspired by Pixar's Wall-E and similar characters, I wanted JUGO to add fun and liveliness to the kitchen counter. The unique two-handed design, makes the juicer very powerful with little effort, as you are using your whole body weight to pull the levers down. It is actually so strong that you can easily squeeze a pomegranate with it. JUGO has a built in cutting board, so you don't make a mess on your counter, and the polycarbonate glass can hold up to 1 litter of freshly squeezed juice.

"Twirl" - hand held mixer
Twirl is a hand held mixer designed as an extension of the human hand, to ease stress on the wrist. A dial goes through 8 mixing speeds from off to folding, kneading, mixing, creaming, beating, whipping and aerating. The beater is inserted and dismantled by pulling the dial back. At rest, the mixer has a flat head to be put upside down, so that the beater can suspend over the bowl.

Ceramic & concrete sprouter
Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling water' house, the product is easy to assemble and comprised of a concrete base & columns, a water basin, two seed growing drawers and a shading slab. Seeds are placed in the top drawer. As water is applied periodically, the seeds get washed while water flows from top to bottom - through holes in the top drawer and then out through a slit in the bottom drawer, like a small waterfall, filling the basin below. The basin is sufficiently large to hold water steadily when carrying it to the sink. The terraced design of the slab and drawers provides a shadowy environment, in which home grown sprout flourish. I wanted to capture the essence of 'Falling water', but give it an expression of my own.

PIK - water bottle for a picnic
PIK is a water bottle designed for with a picnic in mind. It allows you to carry cold or hot water, and has a built in pocket to keep your glasses safe from breaking in your bag. PIK can carry two small glasses and 1.5 liters of water. The fabric covers comes off easily for washing, and provides colorful choices.

Self balancing plastic shelf
A two part plastic shelf made of an ABS base & EPDM rubber suspender. Designed to be hanged and self balance on a strap, that slips neatly through holes and into a rail at the bottom. The complete structure forms a triangular profile for maximum carrying strength. Installation is easy - the two bars comes with a string and a bead to level them perfectly, and since the straps self balances, it corrects crooked installations.

Cocktail glasses served in ice block
A set of six conic glasses, shaped to fit in a giant ice block, serves to challenge the convention of how we drink, and what a glass is "supposed" to look like.

We often wonder what lies beneath. Turning over one of the planks revealed a fragment untouched by time, distinct in its surrounding.
Port of Tel-Aviv, a collaboration with Yemima Lorberbaum.

Sketches & hand renderings
These are various sketches and rendering done in traditional methods, using pencils, markers and pastels.

Digital renderings
Various projects created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop