unit9 xmas party
Camera, booze, projection! The theme of unit9's Christmas party was the Oscar's night. Michael Ho came up with 'wouldn't it be cool if we showed some paparazzi taking photos of the guest arriving at the party?' To which I followed 'what if we take actual pictures and show them in a slideshow during the party?'

And that's what we did. The setup included one red carpet, two pressure mats, one arduino, 24 LEDs, hundreds of wires, one Canon 5D and one (rather over-sized) projector.

Here's how it worked: guests would enter the venue, walk on the red carpet and step on the first pressure mat. This triggered the paparazzi video and made all the LEDs flash. As they kept walking, the second pressure mat would change the projection to a countdown and then take a photo with the 5D. When no one was walking on the red carpet, a slide show with all photos would be shown, alternated by some particle animations with the 9 from unit9's logo.

Software was written in C++ with openframeworks using the Canon SDK and some great libraries provided by the community. To know more about the hardware and arduino parts, check this post.

Visuals and software: Bruno Imbrizi
Electronics and arduino: Christian Bianchini

Thank you:
Michael Ho, Sonia Cork, Susan McCrystal