A Budweiser criou uma promoção para levar 4 amigos para assistirem ao maior evento esportivo dos EUA: o Superbowl. Nela, o público deveria acertar a distância que uma bola de futebol americano chutada pelo Anderson Silva iria percorrer.

A ação teve cobertura do Esporte Espetacular da Rede Globo, indo ao ar com uma matéria de 7 minutos de duração. A ação ainda atraiu midia espontânea nos principais jornais e portais de informação do pais e alguns canais especializados em UFC e NFL internacionais.

My role: Creative Direction & creative concept

[ 1ª Fase ]

[ 2ª Fase ]

No Carnaval você pode ser quem você quiser. Na campanha de carnaval a Brahma apresenta uma mini serie estrelada pela apresentadora da MTV Tatá Werneck, provando que com um pouco de imaginação qualquer pessoa pode liberar suas fantasias na maior festa de rua do Brasil.

My role: Creative Direction & creative concept

We were asked by Electrolux to launch a new product, Infinity, that would be also creating a new category of high capacity premium refrigerators.

We created a hot site where we set up a dinner party as a background to show the main features of the product and the concept of the campaign. A famous Brazilian chef created unpublished recipes for the website and each one was connected to one part of the product that we wanted to show.

Awards & Recognition
— 2010, CCSP (Creative Club of Sao Paulo); Bronze
— 2009, The FWA; Site of the Day.
See the complete making of here (video) and here (photos).

My role:
Creative concept, art direction & design

This hot site reproduces the lifestyle of an Electrolux consumer, who likes to entertain friends because he considers his home an extension of your personality. The renowned Brazilian chef Morena Leite created exclusive recipes, which highlight the key features and differential of the refrigerator.

The users also can know the whole Electrolux Infinity line and access the step-by-step of these recipes.
In order to launch the microsite, was made a series of actions on social media, whose the purpose was to arouse interest to a mysterious and secret event to a few people. In twitter, for example, it was possible to follow the scenes and preparations of the event.

The “secret dinner” happened on November 11 and brought together 20 influential personalities with digital presence in architecture, design, fashion, gastronomy, culture and music.

The guests were taken to the school kitchen of the Capim Santo's restaurant, owned by Morena Leite. There they found a fitted kitchen with Electrolux products and learned to make some first course recipes present at the site. They also learned how to taste the site’s full menu. The “secret dinner” was accompanied by Brazilian music, including music composed for the hotsite.

The objective was to Launch a new line of products for Electrolux that used a new technology called bluetouch that simplifies the interacion with the product and the access to its features.

We choosed to show a day of a typical family and how they interact with this new line of products doing the normal things they do on their lifes. By using high quality vídeo we had chance both to show how these new products can improve your quality of life and at the same time display in a Premium way the products.

Awards & Recognition
— 2009, Communication Arts; Webpick
— 2009, The FWA; Site of the Day
See the complete making of here (photos) and here (video).

My role:
Creative concept, art direction, typeface & interface design

This was created for a Honda pitch. We won :)

My role: Creative concept, art direction & design

Skol beer gave away real talking cans during 2010’s World Cup. Since getting one was a matter of luck, we created a website where users could have the experience of making their own digital talking can and send it to friends through Facebook and Twitter. Over 4 million digital cans were made by the end of the tournament.

Awards & Recognition
— 2011, CCSP (Creative Club of Sao Paulo); Yearbook Nomination in Integrated Campaign

My role:
Creative concept, art direction & design

Hipercard (credit card) wanted to increase its presence in the Social Media environment in 2010. For that, it started a partnership with Calypso - a Brazilian band with thousands of fans all around the country. Our job was to create the web plataform for Hiperídolo - a nationwide singing contest.

On the website, fans can learn the theme, rehersal, record and make a little video clip. The two best ones, will make the big final at Ídolos – the Brazilian version of American Idol. And the big winner will record with Calypso, for real.

My role: Creative concept, art direction & design

Inspired on the new line of products, we bring some nature for this tv spot.

My role: Creative concept & art direction.

See the complete making of

For each flip-flop model, we created a video showing the personality of the product through music and dancing.

My role: Concepting, creative direction, art direction & design.

Art Direction & illustration for Coca-Cola Music website. (pitch)

Agency credits:
Agency: Agência Click (Isobar / Aegis Group)
Client: Coca-Cola
Creative Director: Ricardo Figueira & Fred Siqueira
Art Director: Bruno Costa
Project Manager: Rodrigo Falcão