Please watch the following videos in HD.
Reel from 2013. The reel below was my very first one. At February, 2013 I started learning After Effects and Cinema 4D and 2 months later this was the result.

2D animation about the World Cup done at Sunset Comunicacao.

Video below is a Easter-themed 2D animation done at Sunset Comunicação.

Video below is a "Work in Progress Reel". A simple reel done with some works that can already be shown, seeing as my official reel isn't ready yet.
3M Corporate Animation cannot be shown yet, so I only uploaded the main frames from the animation.

WIP REEL 2014 from Bruna Cremm Rotger on Vimeo.

Video below is a 3D medical animation of the blood cells inside a vessel. Modeling, lighting, rendering in Cinema 4D. Compositing and post-production in After Effects.

Vector-style animation in After Effects.

Doppel is a 3D short movie developed as the final project of the "Voyage" course at Melies - 3D, cinema and animation school.

A making-of video can be seen below. Please watch in HD.

Softwares used in the production of this short:
Softimage, After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop.

-- 2013 --
Environment modelling based on the main characters' house of the 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' cartoon.

Modelling and lighting done in Softimage. Compositing and post-production in Photoshop.

-- 2013 --
Packshot Lighting and compositing study.

Modelling and lighting: Softimage.
Compositing and post-production: Photoshop.

-- 2012 --
Lighting/texturing study: Fakeosity.
Textures and modelling provided by Melies - 3D, Cinema and animation.

Modelling and lighting: Softimage & mental ray.
Compositing and post-production: Photoshop.