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  • "The Black Truth tells stories sonically.
    His productions render a scene through music. Each track is a fable, a moment, a universe all to its own; The roar of a sea, the soft hum of an intergalactic starship, or the wedding reception two step of a father and daughter.

    The Black Truth wields Propellerhead's Reason like a neon paintbrush, dipping it into the color/mood/theme of his own real experience and paints a vibrant composition over a funky canvas of drum and bass."

    As quoted by New York based actor, musician, and music critic Esquire the Great

    My name is Daniel Hardee, and I am Black Truth Music. Straight out of Oakland, California: I am a sound designer and songwriter alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design of Georgia. I am currently in Seoul, South Korea exploring music production.

    Sonically I'm inspired by artists who channel their emotion into a world of vibration, color, and story...Teddy Riley, John Michael Talbot, E-40, Phill Collins,Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, MGMT, David Banner, Narada Michael Walden, Pat Benatar, The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, Timbaland, Enya, Chic, Dr. Dre, The Ohio Players, Rick Rock, Daft Punk, Polow Da Don, The Neptunes....and many, many more.

    My music pushes to deliver cinematic drama in an electric-neon atmosphere, grounded by powerful bass. We all have an anthem; the closer we are to the truth, the louder it blasts. Welcome to Black Truth Music.

    Notable music features:

  • CLASH Charity for Single Mothers in Seoul, South Korea
    CLASH Charity

  • Berkeley Foundation Of Information Technology (At University of California, Berkeley) (seminar presentations on Sound Design)

  • American Apparel "Witz & Giggles" Graphic T Ad (won competition to have music featured in advertising campaign)

    Rick Klotz: Witz & Giggles

  • Lyall Behren's Urban Comedy Showcase in San Francisco, CA
    Lyall Behrens Comedy

  • Savannah Urban Arts Festival in Savannah, GA (2009 Hip Hop Beats Champion)

  • Two original freestyles performed over original music by Black Truth.This takes place in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea at Bar Americano for charity.

    South Korea Clash Charity's Facebook Page

    Korean Beatboxing Champion Woungtaek Oh aka Beatbox Summit provides the tunes for an impromptu freestyle performance with Black Truth. This was performed in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea at Woodstock Bar.

    Beatbox Summit's Facebook Page

    This song competed and was selected by American Apparel to help promote the Rick Klotz graphic tee line. Rick Klotz

    New York MC Crim Della rapping Crim Della on Facebook

    New York Based Singer/Songwriter Andy Kuncl on the vocals AndyKuncl.com

    Bay Area graphics designer Gaddy Foster created the 2D visualizer