Birgit Palma
Originally from the alps in Austria.
Now a Barcelona based Illustrator, Multimedia designer & Art director.

List of 10 things connected to me:

1. I love lists
2. Edgy, me as well as my design
3. I love colors. Especially on shoes.
4. Capoeiristas know me as "Avalanche"
5. I like having a beer
6. Especially, I like having beers with austrians
7. Funny enough, I can sing the tyrol hymn "Tirol isch lei oans"
8. Ash blond is blond enough to get told blond jokes
9. I'm slightly hyperactive
10. The reason I love lists is because I can cross out tasks, which declares this one not so precious
11. I'm easily forgetting things - so i forgot this:
12. I'm never wearing matchings socks (thanks, andi!)
13. I'm half italian, but I speak spanish

Wanna say hi to me? You're welcome! I'm always open for interesting freelance projects! birgit_palma (at) hotmail . com