Noise Pollution (2010)

Trailer for the 2010 Stuttgart Animation Festival, produced within 5 months in 2009 by core team Pascal Floerks, Johannes Peter, Nikolaos Saradopoulos and me, Bin-Han To.
My main tasks included directing, character and environment design, animating, texturing and writing the script.
And of course rocking out!!!

This was a special project because our whole group of team members found each other because of our shared love for RocknRoll... still brings a tear to my eye even after all these years.

Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution!!
1. Stills
Face-Melting Flying V-Guitar-Solos make the crowd go crazy!
Groupies faint...

...and turn into Gibson Les Pauls!! OH HELL YEAH BABY!

Fly away, on the Wings of a Demon!

To the glorious Land of Rockn'Roll!

Flirting with the cute Co-Worker ain't so bad either.

2. Preproduction Art
The most important thing was of course to make the designs strong! The main character (we just called him DUDE...) was explored with Pete Townshend- and Dave Grohl-Posings!

The Dude starts out with a Flying V, but then switches to a Les Paul when one of the Groupies is so intoxicated by the Dude's rocking sexyness that she transforms into a guitar! Seriously, you can't make this shit up!!

For the environments, we imagined a barren wasteland, full of ROCKS and giant guitars and such. And in it a giant stage built on top of a sleeping dragon, that wears an ACDC-Shirt.
The most important thing in the shapes of the film was to keep them very clear, strong and a clear direction! Progressive, dynamic shapes are the basis for more or less everything, the rocks, the clouds, the fractured stage (looks like the stage from the Lion King... :)

The Color Scheme of orange-Red and poison green is heavily inspired by illustrations from AlbumCover-Fantasy Legend Roger Dean.

Designing the girls was extremely fun, because of the strong contrasts: We had the crazy-wild grupies who dance on the stage, and the smart, tender office-girl that mocks the Dude, but in a very caring way.

I really loved this project, I loved the complete over-the-top ridiculousness of it all, I loved the people working on it, the way we worked and rocked as a team, I loved the music written for the film....

Man, what a ride this was! The gods of Rockn'Roll looked kindly upon us!