The Treachery of Sanctuary, is constructed from three monolithic white frames towering above a still reflecting pool. Entering the space in front of the pool, you notice your shadow appears within the first frame, as if you’ve stepped in front of a bright light. A flock of birds swarms at the top of the panel. Reaching up to them, you are surprised as your shadow begins to dissolve, transforming into hundreds of small birds that flutter upwards to join the flock. Within just a few moments, your silhouette has completely disintegrated, leaving no trace of you.

Moving to the second panel, the flock above you is larger and more menacing than the last. When you enter, the birds begin to swoop down, attacking your shadow and taking away chunks of it in their claws. The onslaught continues until you’ve been almost completely devoured and all that remains is a pair of stubby legs.

Entering the third panel, your silhouette has returned. Upon swinging your arms up, you are bestowed with a massive pair of wings. Your wings follow your gestures, swaying with the movement of your arms.