In Limbo

Photography: Ben Sandler

"Welcome the desert metropolis of Phoenix, AZ, where, since 2008, the city's businesses are no longer aware of their owners, nor their clientele; however, to the bank's favor, they persist and vainly live on to establish some meager profit. In a foreclosed parking lot, the remnants of a car rental sign rest as vestiges to its prior status. Now, it lays as a graveyard of corporate downfall. Fully stocked and operational, a local liquor store staggers on in a disturbing state of being; nary a passerby enters its air-conditioned threshold to gander at the mass of unnecessary goods. An amusement park, once the site of a whimsical playground, breaths the wind of some ghost town, sifting through its manufactured and painted landscape. These are the mainstays of a city buried by recession, the result of which is a state of constant stillness. The city rests laden with these types of properties - useless, lacking a profitable operation, and yet incapable of being sold in order to achieve a chance at some sort of economic viability. They are awaiting their rebirth, a restart - to retain the life that once thrived within their spaces. Here, man has abandoned (to his regret) his work, his amusement, his livelihood - leaving behind only the mark of his shadow, one of a lost frugality. Enter in limbo, into the fringes of an uncertain tomorrow."

Text by Eleanor Hermand
Photography / Editorial