In July 2013, &Orange Motion Design was born.
I direct and manage motion design projects from scripting through delivery.
These are some of the fruits of our labors.

An Instant Guide to Making Coffee
An Instant Guide to Making Coffee from &Orange Motion Design on Vimeo.
Your short, essential guide to the coolest coffee-making methods available.
Korean (한글) version
Chinese (中文) version
As seen on Sploid, Gizmodo UK, Gizmodo Japan, Digg, HypeBeast, and more.

A Brief History of Credit Cards
A Brief History of Credit Cards from &Orange Motion Design on Vimeo.
"From personalized store credit in the 1800s to the unrelenting card offers in your mailbox today, credit cards have become an inescapable part of modern life — here's how they got there." - Digg Editor

Fundrise TV Spot
Fundrise (30-second spot) from &Orange Motion Design on Vimeo.

&Orange Motion Design Reel - Spring 2015
&Orange Motion Design Reel - Spring 2015 from &Orange Motion Design on Vimeo.
&Orange showreel, April 2015
Trailer for Herbie of Montlieu Goes to Distant Lands, an Independent documentary feature filmed in Daegu, South Korea. I went along and worked as the DoP and Cam-op. Premiered at the Korea Indie and Expat Film Festival 2015.

Herbie of Montlieu Goes to Distant Lands TRAILER from Taylor Stanton on Vimeo.

The Detroit People Mover completes one 2.9-mile circuit of the downtown area every 15 minutes. This wordless, observational documentary waits in the stations, each with its own overlooked character, around the 2.9-mile circuit as trains arrive and depart. The train doors open and close on just a few sparing individuals using the monorail loop to traverse the downtown area. As the cars come and go in rhythm, a late-Autumn afternoon passes in the background. Then, the afternoon falls into dusk as the audience watches from four train windows on a synchronized split-screen ride around the Motor City. This perpetual lonely loop is potentially a metaphor for the city itself. For a city so plagued by myth and misconception, People Mover offers an unassuming, literally above-it-all view of Detroit.
© 2013 Ben Duchan

A coming of age tale of self-absorbed, college-bound Jack Reedy, who finds himself stuck spending the summer fixing his dying grandfather's cherished car with only his disabled uncle and a local waitress for company. Along the way, he gradually learns that broken relationships are much harder to fix than broken automobiles.

My reel for 2013. Comprised of footage from projects I produced, directed or edited between 2010 and 2013. Music by Ratatat.