Project Wildfire
Project Wildfire engages Toronto’s youth in the process of creating a successful social enterprise. The project is a coordinated effort among some of the most forward thinking institutions in the city; the Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto Community Housing Corporation, Ryerson University’s Entrepreneur Institute, and Filemobile Inc.

I facilitated three participatory workshops with a youth focus group, and worked closely with project partners to create the name, graphic identity, website, and print collateral for the project.

Launch Website

Jacklyn Atlas

Logo varioations

Project Outline
In the course of the project participants will learn how to develop a compelling business pitch which will be entered in a contest. After a mix of public voting and jury selection, the 1st round winners will work with a business mentor team to turn their idea into a solid business plan. After the 2nd round, the grand-prize winner will receive $25,000 in funding to launch their idea, and 4 runners-up will receive $2,500. All 5 winners will receive 1 full year of business support and mentorship with an experienced mentor team.

The Process
To arrive at a versatile design solution in line with the four institutions involved, and more importantly in tune with the project's diverse audience, I guided the project partners through a series of activities and written exercises to develop unified vision and mission statements. Mind maps, point-of-view analogies, future-casting, case studies and questionnaires were among the methods used.

Photography by Jacklyn Atlas and Behrouz Hariri