The purpose of this project was Informing Barcelona that Istituto Europeo di Design will have a new building and going trough other changes which will be celebrated in the theme of transformation.
The main target was designers & art school students from Barcelona.
The objective was to show the impact of the transformation; another building might not seem like a huge
change, but in fact: "Small changes can make a big different"
Everything is handmade, the typography, the shapes & the booklet.

The concept: Using just three basic symbols, adding them different elements we can see how together they create new meanings!

This was the logo for our logo proposal

The small booklet created for the event, this could be a give away. Inside you can find information about IED, about the new building but most of all games involving the area of the school, such as design, fashion, visual art and communication.

The basic shapes and their stickers, which can be added in many ways in order to create new shapes!

A gift from IED, a special bag which you can costumize

Flags around Barcelona advertising the event