Exhibition at MASSEY LYUBEN Gallery
531 W. 25th Street, Ground Floor Gallery 5
New York, NY 10001
Dates: March 16, 2017 April 27 2017

The works in this exhibition embody a nostalgia for the ephemerality of summer – how fragile, how perishable – the relationship between what we feel and the elements. The sun does not appear in any of the paintings, but is always there, even though we’re looking elsewhere. We feel the heat on our skin and see the petrified landscape and taste the sea salt on our lips. The air glitters and time dilates, full of promise, with equal parts anticipation and languor. The sensation of water enveloping the body, the heaviness of the air, slide us into a carnal torpor and lassitude, an exchange and fusion of elements sating and stoking desire at the same time.
“These paintings are about the perception of time and the sun as metaphor, whereby ordinary subjects take on new dimensions, symbolizing the myth of eternal youth.”

Please join us for the opening reception on thursday March 16 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
For questions, press inquiries, and work availability, please contact

Hamptons 48x60’’ 2017

The wind 52x34’’ 2017

Blossom 24x20’’ 2017

Contemplation 36x48’’ 2017

Sparkle 16x20’’ 2017

Bushes 38x52’’ 2015

Boy playing in the dunes 36x24’’ 2017

Observatory 30x40’’ 2017

Lakeside 48x62’’ 2017

efflorescence 30x40’’ 2017