Curating and design for "Image in the Object", a group ceramic show at Park Life Gallery, San Francisco.





Free — Space — is a site-specific game involving chance to create and discover a new environment within the given space. Using the shelves as a starting point and a set of dice and rules to direct individual movements within the space, this game allows to create an unexpected outcome of patterns transcribed by each participant.

A part of "The Shelves" series at Werkplaats Typografie, 2013

Exhibit design for LUNAR, celebrating more than 30 years of innovative industrial, visual, and interactive milestones. This exhibition was installed as a part of an industrial design show at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2013.

Treat Greeting Cards

Littler Holiday E-card

BioMarin Holiday E-card

Q-Cells Solar Energy

BUXOM Cosmetics

Eco-friendly packaging solution for light bulbs, using only corrugated cardboard. Published in "Corrugated Paper Packaging Design" by LN Press, Oct. 2013

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