For almost 3 years at, I took part in the Wix ADI project: allowing novice user to create their own beautiful website that already has custom content for his business.
Working on ADI ranged from high level projects (creating the system structure and UI) to specific feature decisions (allowing the user to have rich text capabilities).

"With just a few simple questions, Wix ADI designs tailored websites by learning about each person’s or business’ own needs. Next, choosing from billions of high-quality, stunning combinations and possibilities, Wix ADI perfectly matches optimal design and content elements to create a unique, dynamic, and robust website in minutes – no two sites ever looking the same. But more than just stunning design, Wix ADI gathers from across the web and social media for relevant content that you can use as is or customize."

I started the project before the product launched in 2017, so the process included inventing the ADI experience, from intro to the builder.
We created the intro flow and the builder structure,
I also worked on creating organized assets for this project, specifically creating reusable parts that developers can implement to create panels.
Some other things I did include creating a hollistic media experience: the user can choose which media he wants to show (image, video, gallery) and what layout he likes best.
I also created the first coloration experience for the user - starting from choosing a brand color, to choosing a palette, and for the advanced users - completely customizing the palette.

New-York bakery based on 50s-60s American boxing.

Advisor: Nurit Koniak, Shenkar.

+ Appeared on The Dieline

+ Published in the "Boxed and Labelled 2" book by Gestalten.


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An israeli indie music label focusing on the artists: Geva Alon, Ruth Dolores Weiss, Tomer Yosef, Terry Poison, Asaf Avidan & the Mojos.

Advisor: Ernesto Bijovsky, Shenkar.

Artists' catalog

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Final project in my design studies at Shenkar.
A series of posters, a dictionary of associations for terms representing both the computer world and the human world.
The project also appeared in Tzavta, Tel Aviv as part of "The Outcasts" exhibition.

Advisor: Yael Bogen, Shenkar.

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My work in Tzavta theatre


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Silk-screen print.

A series of postcards and posters: the trail in these postcards offers an alternative to the classic white trail in Tel Aviv city - the historical buildings are taken over by the visual noise (commercials, stickers, flyers).

Advisor: Yael Bogen, Shenkar.

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