"In 2025. We leave this planet to protect it. We leave to fight for what we love.In 2077. Returning isn’t what it used to be, returning isn’t what they promised..."

Film site: ig77themovie.com
Soundtrack site: soundcloud.com/ig77

IG77 describes the future in the year of 2077 through the eyes of general inspector IG-25, a SciFi-Short film written, directed and produced by Andreas Sandberg.
Execution? Getting a scifi-movie set in Sweden, with a budget of 700$ to look timeless and feel disturbing.
A film that started as a music project and ended up as a short film.
It Premiered at Berghs School Of Communication the 24th of May 2014.

Blaze Bayley, Eric Sandberg, Vera Bolin, Tor Nyman, Daniel Bäckman, Andreas Sandberg,Daniel Bäckman, Tor Nyman, Jonas Lyander and Zac Fors.

Band / Album Concept: Dr.Living Dead!

A few years ago I started the crossover band Dr.Living dead, Since then I have designed, Illustrated and created the band's mascot, logos, 4 album covers, hundreds of t-shirt designs, posters, flyers and stage props. This is a selection...

Nowan Logotype

A Selection of Music videos

Music video for the song Eftertanke by artist INGEN
Video directed & edited by Andreas Sandberg © Atmanoid Productions 2013

Music video for the song Empatihaveri by Christer Pettersson
taken from Empatihaveri 7"
Out November 20th, 2013 on Monument, Defiant Hearts, Judas Cradle and Buzz or Howl.
Video directed & edited by Andreas Sandberg © Atmanoid Productions 2013

TV Spot: Drömbarometern

Drömbarometern is done every year by TNS / Sifo on behalf of SVENSKA SPEL (Swedish Lottery) an investigation aimed at identifying the Swedish people's dreams.
We produced four short spots with the host Pierre Jonsson. The assignment was given to me when I did my internship at Veranda Film. I wanted to throw in presenter Pierre in a bar chart. Said and done. We booked chromastudio at Programmakeriet, Henric Gyllenskiöld photographed, Patrik Hambreus wrote the script and I created the graphics, animated, edited and arranged the audio for the first program that aired on Saturdays, which had over a million viewers.