ARTS010 Valmay:Created Force

There was a time when electronic music was done without any direction any line that define the genre itself, we listened to the music just as it comes and we never judged that much the content at all, apart from the fact that we was allways pulled in space in the middle of the club. This is our 010 release, is called 'Created Force' and is writed by the former artist known as Valmay, his real name is Paul Mac, basically 20 and more years devoted to Techno, and audio engineering. After his first release on Blueprint, James Ruskin label he is back on ARTS to give some notes to the people out there.
Is a release i strongly wanted, and is exclusive to this native two labels. Don't miss it, and don't underestimate the force of this release, I'm playing it since month's and is panic all the time. - Emmanuel

Digital Download: http://www.beatport.com/release/created-force/1405080

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ARTS009 Emmanuel:Mentality

After One Year From The Foundation Of Arts, Label Boss Emmanuel Focused On Giving Space For All The Other Sonic Artists That He Found On His Road. He Is Back To Give Directives For The Label, And Give More Sonic Spectrum For The People. Mentality Is The Result Of A Long Process, It Focus On Mechanical Quality And Precision, Scenario Is A Picture Of Something You Do Not Know, But Would Like To See.

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ARTS008 Sawlin:Verrat am selbst

Having a label is something really deep. You take people music and present it to the world in form of vinyl, is something that gives me goosebumps everytime i have a record in my hands.

ARTS was born to make the best out of the best of every single artist will be out here. We demand the prime quality because we beleave that the quality is was matters. We take even more then 6 Month's to select the music that will comes out on 4 cuts.
Today is the day of RONNIE SAWLIN (official) a guy that i know from long time thanks to his music. he has started with his vault series crew, and he landed on one of the best dutch techno labels called Delsin. I can't hide that i allready knowed that this guy was going to be big. He do LIVE, and he is massive, if you ever have the chance just Book him, he is really good. All i did is asking him music, from no-where, and he trusted me, as he trusted me.. we took the music and we analized it, the result was that Mr. James Ruskin was so impressed that wanted to make the remix for us. It was an impressive day, when we realized it. But we allways go forward, we keep the tension and the control. Today Ronnie is at the top of the mountain as i see it, with a remix that have 20 and more years of experience in techno thanks to JR. ARTS is more then a label, is part of the techno culture, and it will allways be main door for those of you that live with Techno everyday.

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ARTS007 Cleric:Equinox

There is something rich and textural about each of these banging techno tracks on this 4 song EP. The title cut has an insistency in its looping hypnotism, followed by the bleep fest of "BREACH", the propulsive warehouse techno of "DEBT FREE MANN", & the unrelenting rave of "PENROSE". (ARTS)

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