After the Dance Sold
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The dance, is in reference to the rain dance. This piece represents manifestation. Regardless of how little you feel you have the universe has infinite abundance available for you. All you have to do is simply ask for it, be open to it, and take actions towards it.

6ft x 2ft
Acrylic on wood.

"Broad Strokes"
Every group, race, religion, country, city and neighborhood has good people and shitty people. Judging a crowd by the actions of a shitty person is not only lazy, it's extremely inaccurate and poison towards any chance of human comradery. If you have to judge... do so on a case by case and individual by individual basis. My opinion. Peace, education and tolerance through civil discussions. Talk to a stranger that you blindly judge due to years of conditioning and make them your friend.

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Acrylic and spray paint on hand cut wood.
Edge-lit, remote controlled, LED's

False Sense of Reality $550
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1ft x 4ft
Acrylic and airbrush on birch

A piece about vices, pharmaceutical addiction and the mental/emotional rollercoaster of hanging onto what is "real".

Cloudscape Sold

8ft x 4ft
Acrylic and spray paint on wood.
"Head on" Original Sold
2ft x 4ft framed print on canvas available on Etsy

If you've ever found yourself in a situation that you could not get out of. The storm is the issue at hand and the "fragile" paper boat is you. Sometimes you have no choice but to face your issues head on. This piece is about courage and perseverance.

2'x4' Acrylic on birch.

Untitled Sketch SOLD
Ballpoint pen on paper. Framed
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past tense: jarred; past participle: jarred
have an unpleasant, annoying, or disturbing effect

Do Not Enter

"The" Sold
Print available on Etsy

Not everyone understands this piece. Those who did probably do what this piece asks of them.