About Archibas
Master in Architecture at Escola Superior Artística do Porto - Portugal. in December 2009

Professional Experience:

As I started my training as an architect in the A. Burmester - Associated Architects - Office, I gained experience to realize how the different phases of the project worked and the development among specialties and architecture. I started my trainee with a multifamily residence project collaborating on interior design ending with the study of a mix-use project integrated on a block at the center of the Oporto City.
As finished my trainee season I continued at the A.Burmester - Associated Architects - Office as an architect collaborator and give assistance in program analysis and building specifications.

My Goals:

Be able to demonstrate responsability to prepare, develop and edit, drawings, models, images and other documents relating to the design,
Develop representations of design options for further discussion by the design team,
Achieve the objectives of the architecture project collaborating at all stages of the process,
To demonstrate the ability to use a variety of media in the development and documentation of the project design,
A flexible and open attitude towards new ways of working and commitment to independent, life long learning,
Take initiative in response to direction or instruction,
Work well under pressure, and meet deadlines efficiently and effectively budget.


Server Architecture - Cad Programs (Autocad, Architcad Microstation) 3-D Modeling (Rhinocerus - VRay, Google Sketchup), image representation (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)